Additional Information

Mission/Vision Statements

Our mission is to train the dental assistant that will be a leader of their team by anticipating the needs of the dentist, supporting their coworkers in both the front and back offices, and forming a special rapport with each patient and exceeding their expectations of care.

Our vision for MVSDA is to be a source of qualified professionals known for their comprehensive clinical knowledge and remarkable professionalism. We strive to be an organization that nurtures dreams, cultivates the mind, and helps our students realize their goal.

School Legal Status

The Miami Valley School of Dental Assisting is a private, coeducational school registered as a corporation with the State of Ohio. The president is Dr. Charles Dean, DDS. The name of the corporation is Miami Valley School of Dental Assisting. The school assumes full responsibility for any agreement made between the student and the school.

General Information


MVSDA & Beavercreek Dental Group

2385 Lakeview Drive Suite A/B

Beavercreek, Ohio 45431

Dissemination of Consumer Information:

A representative from MVSDA will be available to disseminate consumer information upon request between the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Thursday at Beavercreek Dental Group, located at 2385 Lakeview Drive, Ste A, Beavercreek, Ohio, 45431. The contact person is Mariska Rehs and she can be reached at (937) 429-3160. On Saturdays this information will be provided by the Director of Training, Terrell Roberts,  between 8am - 4pm. She can be reached at (513) 908-0590.

Certificate of Approval/Process to Review:

The Miami Valley School of Dental Assisting is approved and regulated by the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools, Columbus, Ohio. The certificate of registration number is 2122.

Course Description/Class Size

Course Description

Miami Valley School of Dental Assisting is an accelerated professional training program designed to give dental assistants the fundamental knowledge and skills to enter the dental field. The course consists of 10 eight-hour modules that focus on chairside skills, infection control, and patient education; 3 five-hour internship days (15 hours total), an eight-hour radiography class, and CPR-BLS for healthcare professionals. The course meets for 10 consecutive weeks on Saturdays from 8am - 4pm. The daily schedule will consist of lecture first, and then clinical activities. Lunch is incorporated into the daily schedule and students will be highly encouraged to bring a lunch with them each week. Breaks (10 minutes) will be given every hour or at the discretion of the instructor. Students will be required to wear scrubs and closed toed shoes because they will be working with sharp instruments and dental materials that could stain street clothes. Wearing scrubs will also allow students to get used to presenting themselves as dental assistants.

Class Size

The class size will be limited to 10 students per session.

Facilities and Training Aids:

MVSDA is situated in a lecture hall adjoining a state-of-the-art operating office which includes a business office with networked computers and necessary office equipment, a reception area, ten operatories, lab and sterilization areas.

Training aides used include textbook and workbook (Essentials of Dental Assisting Textbook/Workbook: ISBN-13: 978-0323430906, ISBN-10: 0323430902), PowerPoints, projector and screen, all necessary dental equipment, materials, and supplies.

School Tour Schedule & Enrollment:

School tours are scheduled by appointment and enrollment can take place at that time. Enrollment is continuous and can occur up to one month prior to a new course starting date. Enrollment dates are scheduled 1 month prior to each start date. This would be the first saturday of each new course start date. (January, April, July, October).

School Holidays:

School holidays are as follows, and will require class to be rescheduled if they fall on a class day: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day.